Each year Lomania processes more than 5 thousand tons of mushrooms purchased only from Polish growers.

ROLKO was founded in 1994. The company’s main activity is the production of compost for mushroom growing. The production capacity amounts to 1 200 000 pieces (21 000 tons) of pasteurized compost cubes (PHASE II).

In the technological process we use raw materials such as straw, poultry dung, horse manure, phosphogypsum or REA gypsum, which are soaked, stirred, aerated, fermented and pasteurized in 48 - 85°C. The resulting compost is mixed with mushroom mycelium, formed into cubes and wrapped in plastic. Thus prepared compost is sent to mushroom growers. 


Rolko provide compost for over 140 mushroom growers, mainly in Wielkopolska province. The straw for production of compost is provided by local farmers, cooperatives and companies.

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